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“You're way too beauuutiful giiiirl…”

Our third and final headliner for S&C 2019 is another MOBO winner, another international superstar and another incredibly talented artist. One of our throwback 'Heritage' acts for this year, there’s a special place in all our hearts for Sean Kingston - if you grew up in the noughties, you'll know why and you'll feel the same!

He was the creator one of the most successful songs of that decade. Who doesn’t remember “Beautiful Girls” dominating the airwaves when they were younger? Probably one of the first ‘viral’ pop songs of this internet age, and certainly one of the catchiest, Sean became a household name almost overnight - and the song hit the summit of the charts in numerous countries across the world. You're likely to hear it on plenty of playlists to this day. But his back catalogue doesn’t start and end there - Mr Kingston has bangers, plus the voice to boot. 

You're not going to see this at any other festival this year. Expect a proper full dose of noughties nostalgia, with stirring renditions of “Fire Burning”, “Eenie Meenie”, "Beat It" and more - the perfect soundtrack to sunset over Cambridge, with a drink in hand and your friends on hand. We can’t wait already. Somebody call 9-1-1...

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