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We’ve been searching for the best up-and-coming DJs, singers, rappers and musicians - offering them the chance to perform at S&C Festival on 15th June, and helping us to find the next generation of talent in our scene! #ChampionFuture.

Your winner is:


We look forward to welcoming you to Strawberries & Creem on the 15th June to 12,000 people…


more about not.fay:

Genre/Style: Pop/RnB

Backstory: Egyptian artist not.fay (born Nour Alessandra Fahmy) has an innovative approach to pop & R&B.

Born in Switzerland, she soon moved to Amman in Jordan where she spent most of her life, and finally to London. Her diverse background has majorly affected the influence and style of music that she creates. She has a repertoire of tracks that appeals to both the masses and niche audiences, touching genres from Alternative RnB to Dancehall club hits.

In 2018, not.fay entered the official Music Week charts at #27 with her single #CandyCrush. Later that year, she signed with record label & distributor EMPIRE.

not.fay has amassed a large social media following of over 60K fans, notably due to her women empowerment/body positivity mantra. She has opened for several artists such as Yizzy and Seafoal, and her debut album is set to be released in 2019.