A homage to Grime at S&C

Over the years, the cream of grime royalty have performed on our fair field.

Tucked away in a rural corner of historic Cambridge - just a few miles from the Nobel Prize winners and Poet Laureates of Cambridge University - our stage has played host to some of the biggest names in grime history.

We’ve always had a love for promoting home grown UK artists and celebrating the best that the scene has to offer - and Grime has been a musical movement in Britain that has been exported to the world.

Every runway, fashion house and dance floor has been touched by its influence. Not bad for a genre created on old PCs in east London council flats! That’s why we love to support and appreciate the hard work of these artists wherever we can.

Check our credentials below, as we pay homage to S&C's grime heroes...


2015: Skepta


Just a few short months after he hopped on stage with Kanye and started working with Drake, we hosted the BBK kingpin at Strawberries & Creem. It was the summer of Skepta and the UK was going crazy for him (on 11th June in Cambridge especially).

Since then he’s gone on to release Konnichiwa, a burst of Top 10 singles, and also recently launched the fashion label Mains with Naomi Campbell on the cover of GQ. We’re not saying we played a part in it, but maybe the fresh air helped a bit...


2016: Kano


We brought Kano along to Strawberries & Creem 2016 at the peak of his return to the scene. Following his impeccable Made in the Manor album, featuring some of the tracks that made our summer that year, Kano was on a high that we all felt that day.

We were treated to some old-school sing-a-longs (the man himself was impressed with just how many of his lyrics the crowd knew - we were proud of you all), plus all the bangers off the new album.
A special S&C moment indeed!


2017: Wiley

Strawberries and Cream  (350 of 382).jpg

The Godfather himself. MBE award-winner, NME Hall of Fame hero and the founder of it all. We had the honour of welcoming Wiley last summer, after he dropped his incredible Godfather album and was in full power mode! He blessed us with an incredible performance, one we will never forget.

Having just released
Godfather 2 (due out at the end of this month), we’re sure Wiley will be doing his thing at festivals around the world again this summer - and crowds up and down the land in for a true treat.


who will it be this year?

Who will grace the S&C stage in a few months' time?

Do we stick with the legends, or look to the fresh faces of the new school sounds? We’re now just a few short weeks away from announcing the full lineup - so you will find out very, very soon!

Stay tuned to see who we add to this untouchable roster of superstars in 2018. We're super excited to share another special S&C with you all in June...

Strawberries Creem