S&C cancelled due to Brexit-related strawberry shortage


It is with a heavy heart and solemn souls that we must announce that the annual Strawberries & Creem Festival will not be taking place this year due to complications with Brexit post-12th April, the final deadline for Great Britain’s departure from the trading bloc that you may have heard about.

Brexit has the entire country’s trade routes in disruption, with nearly a thousand heavy-goods vehicles delayed at the border for what is expected to be at least 3 months. This means hugely extended waiting times for our much-needed festival fruit, and the delays will likely cause every single Strawberry on board to, of course, become rotten and unusable for June’s festival - because of the sheer heat on board these lorries.


A spokesperson for her majesty’s government had this to say: “It is with great regret and sadness that I must announce due to our own incompetence, that the Strawberries & Creem Festival in Cambridge will be unable to go ahead this year. I did suggest that the festival tries to use some of my Nanny Meldreth’s Strawberries that she grows in her allotment but unfortunately she does not produce the sheer volume required for such a large scale event.”


We are heartbroken to have to make such a difficult decision, one which we have done everything we can to avoid. We have annually brought together people from across the region to share their love of Hiphop, House, D’n’B and Strawberries - and were truly looking forward to once again gathering in Cambridge to celebrate these passions together. It is a crying shame for all music and fruit fans, whose support and enthusiasm we value so highly, to lose that special opportunity.

Unfortunately, the situation is far out of our hands and we currently see no way of making the event viable. However it should serve as a testament to the strength and stability of the S&C community that, unlike the government, we CAN organise something. But alas, the powers that be have once again let us all down - and for that, we are truly sorry and deeply upset.


For what it’s worth in the circumstances, our greatest thanks for your understanding and support - it is much appreciated. And if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Email aprilfools@strawberriesandcreem.com or text ‘APRIL FOOLS’ to phone number 01-04-2019.

Big love always,
The S&C Team

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